Please read thoroughly. All participants (adult and youth) must fill out a form. Due date is 3/17/13. If you must have a medical release, the due date for the medical release is 4/21/13. Registration form must still be turned in by 3/17/13 for all participants. The first 3 pages are the registration form and the last page is the medical release. Also, the other attached Parental or Guardian Permission and Medical Release Form must be filled out for each youth participating. Sorry for any duplication, we must have these 2 forms, though. Please instruct youth and their parents to put any and all pertinent information (medical, physical and food) in regards to their child on this form. The forms will be kept confidential. 

Please attach a printed headshot picture of the YOUTH PARTICIPANT to this form


send electronic picture to
Kristen Briggs
Cell: 505-999-8666
Evelyn Jamison
Cell: 505-688-4242

Picture is for leadership purposes only, to divide youth into handcart families.
                                             A headshot from a phone camera is sufficient.

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