Age Requirements:
12-18 year-olds
Must be 12 on or before June 1st, 2013 to attend

Dietary Restrictions:
On your registration form, please make sure to include all dietary restrictions. Our stake trek cooks will make sure to have food available for their restrictions. No need to send your youth up with their own food. 

Trek Footwear:

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion regarding appropriate footwear for the pioneer trek. To clarify, would you please pass the following information on to the families of those who will be participating in the trek.

Appropriate footwear for the pioneer trek includes hiking books or athletic/tennis shoes. Shoes may have mesh.  It is not advisable to purchase new shoes for the trek unless adequate time has been spent to break them in. Shoes that fit well, are comfortable, and provide good support will be sufficient. In addition, those youth (priests and laurels) and adults who will be members of the vanguard company will need a pair of shoes suitable for water. No other trek participants are required to bring water shoes. With any further questions you are welcome to contact Sis. Darlene Rounsville, 771-1467.

Ma's & Pa's Spiritual Thought Preparation:
All Ma's and Pa's need to have a spiritual thought prepared for the mornings and evenings for family time. You may or may not use them all, but please be prepared with them.

No Fire:
We can have no fire at the campsites. All cooking will be done on propane stoves.

The rope to tie down the tarp on the handcarts needs to be a pretty sturdy rope. Twine will NOT work. You can get a 75' rope at Harbor Freight for around $5.00.

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