Physical Preparation

Everyone attending trek will need to prepare themselves physically so they can gain the most spiritually from our Trek experience.  You should Walk/Bike/Run three or more times a week for 30 minutes for at least 8 weeks.  In order to be prepared for Trek, you must begin in March to train.

Here are some suggestions:
  • Exercising 3 times a week for 30 minutes is a minimum and may not be enough for some of us.
  • We suggest daily exercise for those who are not used to exercising.
  • PLEASE DO NOT WALK OR RUN ALONE.  Exercise is much more fun (and safe) with an exercise buddy.


  • Exercise AT LEAST 30 minutes 3 times per week.
  • Walk, run, bike, or swim but emphasize WALKING.
  • Practice drinking lots of water when you exercise – HYDRATE!
  • Get your Trek shoes and “Break them in”.  We suggest tennis shoes or light weight hiking boots.


  • Increase your exercise to AT LEAST 30 minutes 4 times per week.
  • Carry water with you and drink often!!
  • Walk in your trek clothing at least one time so you’ll know what to fix if they don’t feel right


  • Increase exercise to 30-45 minutes 5 times per week.
  • If you are unable to spend this amount per week, still exercise 3-4 times per week but make sure you get in AT LEAST one long walk of at least 60 minutes.
  • Walk different routes to vary the terrain where you walk
  • Walk at different times of day to get used to different temperatures.
  • Eat healthy and get adequate sleep.

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