Clothing Patterns

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A Simple Gathered Skirt

2 yards fabric (calico or gingham are a good choice)
Thread to match
Waist measurement plus 1”, 1 ¼” wide non-roll elastic

*Make sure to prewash fabric as cotton always shrinks.

Step 1
Measure from your waist to the length you want the skirt and add 4”. Mid-calf is the best length for a long trek.

Step 2
Fold fabric in half lengthwise. (This is the way it was folded when you bought it.) Cut twice across fabric the length you measured so you have a front and back to your skirt.

Step 3
Sew skirt front to back right sides together. Press seams open.

Step 4
Fold lower edge of skirt up 1” to inside of skirt. Press. Fold over 1” again and press to form hem.  Sew close to upper folded edge.

Step 5
Fold top of skirt over ½” to inside and press. Fold over again 1 ½” and press. Sew in place close to lower folded edge leaving a 3 – 4” opening at one seam to insert elastic. This forms the waistband casing.

Step 6
Measure elastic around your waist and add 1”. Using a large safety pin, pin to one end of elastc. Insert elastic through opening in waistband casing.  Thread through waistband casing making sure you leave a couple inches of elastic sticking out of the opening. Making sure there are no folds or twists in the elastic, over lap ends of elastic 1” and sew around the overlap making a box. Tug elastic into the casing and sew the opening closed.

  Youth Trek Bonnet Pattern by   kristenroxy


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  4. -Men's easy button-up pioneer shirt: cut the collar off at the seam above the button. Done!
    - Women's easy button-up pioneer shirt: cut the collar corners off to make the edges round and sew lace under the edge. Sew lace on top of the cuffs as well. Optional; sew lace down the front parallel to the buttons or in a "V" shape. Done!