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  2. Brother Michael Smith from the Star Heights Ward has a contact that can get him "Pickle Buckets" from Dion's for those who need 5 gallon buckets for their personal items at Trek. Brother Smith will be bringing the buckets to the dances for those who would like to grab one.

  3. 50% off days at Savers are great for long skirts ($3), flowered blouses ($2)for girls. Boys shirts ($3), pants ($4), suspenders ($1), and hats ($3)! sign up for Savers email at to know when the sale days are happening (they are every couple of months--I will post again when they are having one). From Jeanne Gallacher - Bernalillo Ward

  4. Gearing up for Trek

    Main Attire (Skirt, pants, shirts, blouses)

    Many clothing items can be found at discount or thrift stores. Take advantage of these stores!

    Savers (by Cottonwood Mall) has a Student/Military/Senior discount day every Wednesday. Bring a picture ID proving your status and you will receive 30% off your total order of $10.00 or more. They have great selections for skirts in a wide variety of sizes if you do not want to make yours. They also have rows and rows of blouses. They also sometimes have NEW shoes that can be purchased. Be sure to break in any new shoes you have for Trek. For the men, they have many sizes of pants and shirts to choose from.

    Sometimes other items such as aprons can be found, although, this is not a standard item. Sheets and curtains are also sold here for those who would like some inexpensive material to make their skirts or aprons.

    If you do not fit into the Student/Military/Senior category just bring a donation to drop off around back before you go shopping and they will give you a 20% coupon (sometimes you have to ask) off your purchase of $10.00 or more.

    Leather Gloves - Please do not send your Trekker without LEATHER OR WORK GLOVES. Garden gloves will not work. Cotton will wear out quickly and blisters WILL form! sells leather work gloves for as little as $4.60 per pair (these are Men's sizes). If you order smaller quantities you may pay about $5-7 in shipping. If you can get together with other families and order over $50.00 you get free shipping. You will have to coordinate within your Wards the purchasing and shipping of these gloves.


    Michelle Bond and Darlene Rounsville

  5. Just FYI - I noticed lots of straw hats for about $5 at Walgreens on Southern and Unser today.

  6. 3 1/2 inch LED flashlights are on sale at HarborFreight. Two flashlights for $1.99 with coupon, regularly $9.99. Flashlights use 3-AAA batteries. I have this exact flashlight and it very bright and perfect for Trek (small and lightweight).