Friday, May 17, 2013

Trek Transportation Update

Dear YMYW Leaders, Bishops, Ma's and Pa's,

This email is to provide some important information regarding transportation to/from Trek. We hope that this will help avoid the potential of last minute panic to find drivers to take youth to the Trek.

As indicated on the Ward Transportation Sign-Up Sheet previously distributed to YMYW leaders in each ward (attached to this email), each ward/branch is responsible for transporting their youth and their gear to and from the Trek. Also indicated is the following:

IMPORTANT: Trek Ma’s and Pa’s MUST NOT be used to take youth to Trek as they will be meeting at a separate location and time that morning. 

Trek Ma’s and Pa’s MAY be used to take youth home from Trek, if they are willing and able to do so. 

The reason for this is that, unlike the last Trek, the route will not be a loop. The Trek starting point and ending point are 12 miles apart, and we want to have the Ma and Pa vehicles parked near the base camp and end point. 

The above information was provided at the first Ma's and Pa's Training meeting, however, not all Ma's and Pa's were able to attend, so they may not have been aware of this, and may have already signed up to help transport youth to Trek. We are in the process on contacting all Ma's and Pa's personally to make sure they are aware of this, and will provide this info at Saturday's Ma and Pa Training. 

If any Ma's and Pa's have signed up to transport youth TO Trek, you will need to find other drivers to replace them. In addition, we have asked Ma's and Pa's to have their Trek family gear transported directly to the Trek starting point with the youth's gear. We ask for your cooperation in assisting the Ma's and Pa's with transporting this gear. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Trek transportation, please contact Cathy or Jim Mortensen (Cabezon Ward):

Jim Mortensen: / 803-6752

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