Thursday, May 23, 2013

Are You Ready?

From the Medical Committee:

Here are some reminders to help you have fun instead of feeling miserable.  To prevent painful sunburns, blisters, exhaustion, chaffing, sinus head aches or other allergy symptoms, effects of the heat and/or cold, painful treatments of dehydration, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke... (get the hint) PLEASE:

-        Use sunscreen every AM, every 3 hours, or more often if in water or perspiring excessively.
-        Place a thin (nylon like) pair of socks under a thinner (cotton like) pair of socks.  This will GREATLY help prevent blisters.  Please see 'Required Clothing List'.
-        Place a piece of silk tape over the area of your foot ASAP once you feel a raw or 'hot' spot forming.  If you are prone to blisters, you may consider placing the tape in those areas before trekking.
-        ONLY wear shoes that are comfortable and that have been “broken-in”.  Please see 'Required Clothing List'.  Again, who wants blisters?
-        Layered clothing will greatly help you stay comfortable in the cold and warm parts of the day.  Please see 'Required Clothing List'.
-        Take your allergy medications regularly as indicated to PREVENT any allergy symptoms from ruining your fun!
-        Get plenty of rest one week prior to the Trek to help prevent Exhaustion.
-        Drink extra water to stay hydrated one week prior to the Trek to help prevent Dehydration.
-        Stay out of the sun for excessive periods one week prior to the Trek to help prevent Heat Exhaustion/Heat Stroke.
-        Remember that your hats can be your best friend in helping you stay cool.  Please see 'Required Clothing List'.
-        If prone to chaffing, we have powder!
-        Prepare yourself physically any other way you might need to.  You know yourself.

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